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Assistive Technology Consultation for Families

Assistive Technology Coordinator Karah Kluck wearing a mask with a tablet computer

Iowa Reading Research Center Assistive Technology Coordinator Karah Kluck.

We have COVID-19 safety protocols in place so families can attend in-person assistive technology appointments at the Iowa Reading Research Center. Protocols include:

  • Caregivers and children must not have symptoms of illness
  • Caregivers, children, and the Assistive Technology Coordinator will wear a mask and face shield during the appointment. 
  • Caregivers’ and children’s temperatures will be taken using a touch-free thermometer upon arrival.
  • Travel before the appointment and any illness among family members before or after the appointment must be reported to us.

Further protocols will be communicated prior to the appointment.

NEW: If you prefer to meet with us from home, we have also implemented a virtual appointment option!

As part of our mission to help all students improve their reading and writing skills, we offer free assistive technology consultation for families of children with dyslexia and other reading disabilities.

Schedule a one-on-one assistive technology consultation appointment with our assistive technology coordinator in Iowa City on the University of Iowa campus.

In-Person Appointment Request Form

Schedule a one-on-one virtual assistive technology consultation appointment with our assistive technology coordinator via videoconference (free for Iowa residents, $35 for an appointment for all others)

Virtual Appointment Request Form

How Can Assistive Technology Help My Child?

Assistive technology includes devices, software, or equipment purposefully chosen to help children with reading disabilities complete academic and everyday tasks. Assistive technology facilitates students’ full participation in academic instruction and allows them to demonstrate their learning in equitable ways.

What We Offer

In-Person Assistive Technology Consultation Appointments

Families are encouraged to bring their child who has a reading disability to the appointment. However, this is not required, and families may participate without their child as well.

At the appointment at the Iowa Reading Research Center offices on the University of Iowa campus, families will meet with one of our assistive technology coordinators. The appointment will be tailored to meet the needs of the family.

Virtual Assistive Technology Consultation Appointment

Virtual appointments are similar to our in-person appointments, with families meeting with the assistive technology coordinator via videoconference. Families will be shown technology through video and screen sharing functions. They will be able to ask questions in real time, similar to if they were meeting in person. The appointment will be tailored to the needs of the family. 

Appointment Components

Device Check Out

Depending on availability, the assistive technology devices are available following the consultation appointment to check out for a short period of time for trying out in the home. We want to help families feel comfortable with a particular piece of assistive technology prior to purchasing it for themselves. If you have participated in a virtual appointment, you may come to the Iowa Reading Research Center to check out a device. 


Assistive technology consultation appointments do not include an evaluation of your child’s reading or writing abilities and is not aimed at providing any diagnosis, professional intervention, or medical advice.  The IRRC is not affiliated with any school districts, Area Education Agencies,  or the companies of the technology we show.


Contact us at, or fill out our form to let us know you are interested in an appointment.