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Assistive Technology Consultation for Families

Karah and Bailey with assistive technology

Make an appointment to meet with Iowa Reading Research Center Assistive Technology Coordinators Karah Kluck and Bailey Lukavsky.

As part of our mission to help all students improve their reading and writing skills, we offer free assistive technology consultation for families of children with dyslexia and other reading disabilities.

Request a one-on-one assistive technology consultation appointment with our assistive technology coordinators in Iowa City on the University of Iowa campus.

Appointment Request

How Can Assistive Technology Help My Child?

Assistive technology includes devices, software, or equipment purposefully chosen to help children with reading disabilities complete academic and everyday tasks. Assistive technology facilitates students’ full participation in academic instruction and allows them to demonstrate their learning in equitable ways.

What We Offer

Families are encouraged to bring their child who has a reading disability to the appointment. However, this is not required, and families may participate without their child as well.

At the appointment at the Iowa Reading Research Center offices on the University of Iowa campus, families will meet with one of our assistive technology coordinators. The appointment will be tailored to meet the needs of the family.

Appointment Components

Device Check Out

Depending on availability, the assistive technology devices are available following the consultation appointment to check out for a short period of time for trying out in the home. We want to help families feel comfortable with a particular piece of assistive technology prior to purchasing it for themselves.


Contact us at or fill out our form to request an appointment.