A New Vision for Literacy Research in Iowa

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The Iowa Reading Research Center strives to improve the literacy skills of all students. We provide guidance for literacy instruction in schools by conducting research in practical settings to evaluate the effectiveness of literacy practices.

PROPeL students
We're partnering with local education agencies for a customized literacy improvement initiative
Online dyslexia training
Certification for Iowa college and university students studying to become educators
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Resources to support literacy development for students.


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Sean Thompson
A lack of comprehension and media literacy skills can lead a student to mistakenly use false information found on the web at school. Learn more about the problem and counteracting it with instruction and modeling.
Sean Thompson, Sandy A. Schmitz, Ph.D., Deborah K. Reed, Ph.D.
Marketing and communications plans allow school systems to gain support needed for a successful literacy initiative. We discuss identifying potential audiences for such efforts.
Jennifer Knight, Ph.D.
When parents engage in meaningful oral conversations with children in the home, it can have a positive impact on their vocabulary skills and overall reading ability. Our tips can help foster more of these conversations.