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The Iowa Reading Research Center strives to improve the literacy skills of all students. We provide guidance for literacy instruction in schools by conducting research in practical settings to evaluate the effectiveness of literacy practices.

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We're partnering with local education agencies for a customized literacy improvement initiative
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Certification for Iowa college and university students studying to become educators
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Resources to support literacy development for students.


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Jessica Sidler Folsom, Ph.D., Sandy A. Schmitz, Ph.D.
Effective implementation of a literacy initiative that includes interventions calls on teachers to do so as intended, with high fidelity.
Laura Szech, M.A., Deborah K. Reed, Ph.D.
Take your home-literacy learning to the next level by connecting what your child is reading or writing at home to literacy instruction they are receiving at school.
Leah Zimmermann, M.Ed.
Generating higher-order questions about text benefits students reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. Model this skill for students and provide practice and feedback.