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Student Reading Success Through Research and Collaboration

Teacher helps two students with writing

Helping Students Read Better and Learn More

The Iowa Reading Research Center strives to improve the literacy skills of all students through research with students, professional learning for educators, and technical assistance for school districts.

Teacher studying for dyslexia endorsement
Iowa teachers can become dyslexia specialists through this endorsement program.
Teacher in classroom with laptop using eLearning literacy professional development.
Learn literacy instructional strategies and dyslexia overview information via our modules.
Girl in classroom with pen
We are working to help children and their families affected by dyslexia.


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Kate Will, M.A.
Brainstorming, concept mapping, and freewriting can help students organize their thoughts and gain confidence as writers.
Nicole DeSalle, M.F.A.
Planning out the week’s chores provides an excellent opportunity to practice English skills.
Kate Will, M.A.
English learners can have fun with their families and learn a communication strategy by making and playing a card game.