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Readers understand and make meaning from what they read

Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer

Students can be taught to use this graphic organizer to identify and record events that occur in a text (effect) and the reason why that event occurred (cause).

PDF iconCause and Effect Graphic Organizer

Context Clue Graphic Organizer

Students can identify and keep track of context clues using this graphic organizer by writing down the unfamiliar word, the type of context clue, and the word meaning. Context clues help readers determine the meaning of new words.

PDF iconContext Clue Graphic Organizer

Young Adult Literature Guide - For Books Published 1974-2003

This guide developed by Iowa Reading Research Center Director Dr. Deborah K. Reed includes over 20 recommended books with summaries, difficulty level and interest level ratings, instructional information, sources of information related to the book, and more.

PDF iconYoung Adult Literature Guide - For Books Published 1974-2003

K-W-L Chart

This chart can be filled out by children when reading at home in order to support activation of background knowledge about the topic of a text they are reading. This is intended to help them better understand the text.

PDF iconK-W-L Chart