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Motivating Readers

Readers are motivated and enjoy reading

Reading Relevance Log

Teachers can use this log to gain insight on whether or not a particular text was culturally relevant to their students. It includes yes-or-no questions and can be filled out each time students read a new text. Teachers can then use the insights gained to make decisions on whether or not to select other similar texts.

PDF iconReading Relevance Log

Reading Interests Survey

Gain insight about your students and their reading interests by having them fill out this survey. Use the information gathered to select culturally relevant texts that students will find interesting and important.

PDF iconReading Interest Survey

Word Match Game

Players match nouns and adjectives to expand their vocabulary and practice other literacy skills including morpheme awareness, making connections to background knowledge, and social connections. Directions for how to play the game and templates to make your own cards are included.

PDF iconWord Match Game

Book vs. Movie - Compare and Contrast

This graphic organizer helps children organize their thoughts about the similarities and differences between a book and a movie telling the same story. Comparing books and their movie adaptations can help motivate students to read and dig deeper into some elements of the text.

PDF iconBook vs. Movie - Compare and Contrast

Creating a Book Recommendation Video

This guide provides sentence starters for students in fourth grade and older to formulate thoughts and opinions about a book which they can convey verbally for a book recommendation video. Filming tips for teachers are also provided. Videos can be posted for friends to see. Videos like these can be a way to motivate students to read and create something meaningful and useful.

PDF iconCreating a Book Recommendation Video