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Data-Based Decision Making

Content related to literacy instructional/assessment decisions based on data.

Girl reading outdoors during summer

What Do Students "Lose" in the Summer?

Deborah K. Reed, Ph.D.

Posted on: May 9, 2017
We examine the misunderstanding that over the summer, some students are losing months-worth of what they learned about reading during the school year.

Three teachers

Getting the Work Started: The PROPeL Initiative

Sandy A. Schmitz, Ph.D.
Deborah K. Reed, Ph.D.

Posted on: February 28, 2017
School districts involved in the Iowa Reading Research Center’s PROPeL initiative form their local teams and write literacy challenge statements using student literacy data.

Examining Potential Bias in Screening Measures for Middle School Students by Special Education and Low Socioeconomic Status Subgroups

Deborah K. Reed, Ph.D.

To provide timely and effective supports for students reading below grade level, schools require methods for quickly and accurately identifying those students in need. One method for identifying those students is through universal screening. Assessments such as oral reading fluency (ORF) and Maze reading comprehension are commonly used as screening assessments in middle grades.