The University of Iowa

Comparing Approaches for Students in Special Education Taking Notes on Science Texts


Note taking strategies may improve the accessibility of authentic science texts to students in special education, thereby creating more equitable learning opportunities. This experimental study examined the extent to which secondary students with disabilities could learn to take notes on authentic science texts in a split-page or science-specific graphic organizer format. A repeated measures ANOVA indicated both groups of randomly assigned students significantly improved their note quality over five lessons, F(4, 72) = 2.57, p < 0.05, 2 partial = .125. The interaction of group assignment was not significant. Implications for inclusive science instruction are discussed.


Reed, D. K., & *Norris, K. C. (2018). Comparing approaches for students in special education taking notes on science texts. Special Education Research, Policy & Practice, 2, 97-112.

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