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Kim Buryanek Q&A

Setting Goals, Facilitating Professional Development, and Measuring Success Toward Small-Group, Skills-Based Literacy Instruction Implementation

Small-group, skills-based literacy instruction is at the forefront of goal setting, feedback given to teachers, professional development, and measuring of success for the Sioux City Community School District as described in our second of a two-part blog post series.
Kim Buryanek Q&A

Critical Elements of Implementing Small-Group, Skills-Based Instruction

The addition of quality teaching materials and support from the Iowa Reading Research Center led to common beneficial practices used by teachers across schools during implementation of small-group, skills-based literacy instruction at Sioux City Community School District.
Denney and Henderson Q&A

Sioux City Principals See Improvement in Student Literacy Outcomes and Engagement as Small-Group, Skills-Based Instruction Implementation Continues

Monitoring and reviewing student literacy data, teacher commitment, and setting clear expectations have led to success for two principals implementing small-group, skills-based instruction in elementary schools in Sioux City.