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Denney and Henderson Q&A

Sioux City Principals See Improvement in Student Literacy Outcomes and Engagement as Small-Group, Skills-Based Instruction Implementation Continues

Monitoring and reviewing student literacy data, teacher commitment, and setting clear expectations have led to success for two principals implementing small-group, skills-based instruction in elementary schools in Sioux City.
Denney and Henderson Q&A

Patience, Professional Development and Teamwork Key to Implementation of Small-Group, Skills-Based Instruction for Literacy, Sioux City Principals Say

Implementation of small-group, skills-based instruction for literacy is underway in schools in Sioux City. Two principals discuss the process so far.

Tell Me About My Child’s Literacy Development: Parent Tips for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

Tips for parents to use before, during and after a parent-teacher conference in order to be best prepared to talk about a child's literacy proficiency.