Angélica Cárdenas-Chaisson

Role: Education Association

Angélica Cárdenas-Chaisson is a Policy Associate at the Child and Family Policy Center (CFPC), with an emphasis in health equity and young children. She brings expertise in early learning, family support and community engagement to the Center's work. Ms. Cárdenas-Chaisson led the work to produce the "Fifty State Chart Book: Dimensions of Diversity and the Young Child Population", as well as co-produced "Top 10 Things We Know About Young Children and Health Equity…." These resources, among others that she has collaborated on have helped to highlight the need to focus attention on poverty, place, and race/ethnicity. As senior staff, Ms. Cárdenas-Chaisson's role is to engage practitioner champions, bring resources and support the coordination of the CoIN work.

Ms. Cárdenas-Chaisson received her B.A. in sociology from the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC). She has a Master's of Social Work with an emphasis in children and families from the University of California at Berkeley (UCB).