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Teacher Methods

Instructional methods and techniques with examples.

Reading Relevance Log

Teachers can use this log to gain insight on whether or not a particular text was culturally relevant to their students. It includes yes-or-no questions and can be filled out each time students read a new text. Teachers can then use the insights gained to make decisions on whether or not to select other similar texts.

PDF iconReading Relevance Log

Reading Interests Survey

Gain insight about your students and their reading interests by having them fill out this survey. Use the information gathered to select culturally relevant texts that students will find interesting and important.

PDF iconReading Interest Survey

Consonant Digraph Cards

Cards that can be printed and used as part of a lesson teaching students to read, say, and spell words that have consonant digraphs. These cards feature the consonant digraphs ch and sh.

PDF iconConsonant Digraph Cards

Argumentative Claim Checklist

Students can use the three-part checklist to ensure that their argumentative claim is a strong foundation for the rest of their argumentative essay.

PDF iconArgumentative Claim Checklist

Keyword Mnemonics Checklist

Students can use this checklist to make sure they are properly following all the components of the keyword mnemonics strategy in order to remember the definition of the target vocabulary word.

PDF iconKeyword Mnemonics Checklist

Oral Reading Fluency Reflection Guide

This guide provides traits/skills of fluent readers and questions to help students identify their own strengths, weaknesses, and things to improve on in the future.

PDF iconOral Reading Fluency Reflection Guide

Oral Reading Fluency Goal Setting Template

Students choose from reading strategies and positive behaviors to set goals for improving their oral reading fluency during a Repeated Reading session.

PDF iconOral Reading Fluency Goal Setting Template

Problem-Solution Text Map Rubric

This rubric provides guidelines for providing students with targeted feedback regarding the accuracy and completion of their text maps (see PDF iconProblem-Solution Text Structure Map). This can be used as part of text structure instruction, which may improve comprehension.

PDF iconProblem-Solution Text Map Rubric