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eLearning Varied Practice Reading Module

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This module shows teachers how to use the Varied Practice Reading instructional approach for teaching reading fluency. As part of Varied Practice Reading, students read three different passages one time each. The passages contain similar words to be read by students in a different order and context through passage variation. Students work in pairs, provide feedback on each other’s errors, and set goals they can work toward to becoming fluent readers.

Estimated Time to Complete the Module

2 hours

Varied Practice Reading Module Sections

Section 1: Oral Reading Fluency

Section 2: Traditional and Alternative Approaches to Fluency Practice

Section 3: Oral Reading Fluency Skills Goal Setting

Section 4: Peer Mediation and Error Correction

Section 5: Classroom Implementation

Grade Range 

Grades 1-5

Registration Cost

  • Free for: Iowa in-service K-12 teachers and AEA personnel
  • $25 for: All others

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Varied Practice Reading Passage Sets

Digital Passage Sets

Upon completion of the Varied Practice Reading module and passing the posttest, participants will be given access to digital grade-level passage sets for students to use during Varied Practice Reading sessions. The sets can be read on a tablet, laptop, or desktop device (students must be logged in by the teacher on each device through a provided teacher login). Words that are read incorrectly by a reader are tapped or clicked by a partner to provide feedback and collect data. Digital passage sets are for use on devices only (may not be printed per copyright restrictions) and are not provided as a PDF.

Current Digital Grade-Level Passage Sets Available

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5

Printed Passage Set Booklets

Please contact us at to begin an order of grade-level passage set booklets.

Passage set booklets are printed on coated paper which can be written on and reused with a dry erase marker. 

Current Printed Grade-Level Passage Set Booklets Available

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5

Printed Grade-Level Passage Set Booklets Pricing

Iowa customers

  • $45/booklet

Out-of-state customers

  • $55/booklet

Shipping on all orders = add 6% of the order cost

Order Forms

You may contact us at before filling out order forms. If you are ready to fill out an order form, be sure to download the PDF to your computer before filling out and submitting via email.

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PDF iconRules of Use Agreement 

Sets for additional grades are being written and will be added to the module when finalized.