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eLearning Dyslexia Overview Module

Family member and student using dyslexia overview module

This module is designed to provide an overview of this reading disability, no matter the participant’s level of knowledge of dyslexia prior to completing the module.

Certification for College Students

The Iowa State Board of Education requires teacher preparation programs to address the literacy needs of students with disabilities such as dyslexia. To support undergraduate and graduate students as they increase their knowledge of reading disabilities, the Iowa Reading Research Center is offering students in teacher certification, reading endorsement, or reading specialist certification programs the opportunity to earn a certificate for completing the Dyslexia Overview module and earning a score of 80% or better on the posttest. Participants will retain access to the module and downloadable certificate. We encourage instructors to incorporate this training into their course requirements.

Learning Opportunity for Educators

In-service teachers and other educators in Iowa are encouraged to complete the Dyslexia Overview module to refresh and enhance their knowledge of this disability. The base of knowledge provided by the module will help them recognize when students might be exhibiting signs of dyslexia. The module also covers the important elements of a supportive learning environment for students identified with dyslexia.

Knowledge for Families

Families in Iowa with a child with dyslexia may complete the Dyslexia Overview module to gain a basic understanding of this disability. The knowledge gained may be helpful in advocating for the child at school and providing a common starting point in knowledge for families and educators who have completed the module.

Estimated Time to Complete the Module

1 hour

Module Topics

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Myths

Part 3: Neurobiological Factors

Part 4: Recognizing Potential Signs of Dyslexia

Part 5: Features of Instruction

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