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Learn about instructional methods and other topics relevant to literacy instruction through the Iowa Reading Research Center’s eLearning modules.

Currently Available Modules

Varied Practice Reading

  • Free for: Iowa in-service teachers.
  • $25 for: Non-Iowa in-service teachers.

Effective Literacy Instruction

  • Free for: Iowa in-service teachers.
  • $10 for: Non-Iowa in-service teachers

Dyslexia Overview

  • Free for: Iowa college students, in-service teachers, and family members.
  • $10 for: All non-Iowa individuals

If you are interested in ordering bulk licenses for non-Iowa individuals to take modules, please contact us at

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  3. You will receive a confirmation email at the address you used to register. Click the confirmation link to verify your email address and set up your account.
  4. Within the IRRC eLearning website, access to each module requires a specific enrollment key, which is issued after you are verified as a resident of Iowa, college student in Iowa, and/or in-service teacher in Iowa. Once the verification is complete, your enrollment key(s) will be emailed to the address you used to register. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your enrollment key(s).
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eLearning Features

Iowa Reading Research Center eLearning modules are written and developed by literacy experts at the IRRC. Participants may view the modules as often as they like for a full year (365 days) and can do so from any desktop or laptop connected to the internet. The following eLearning features are intended to help participants get the most out of their time spent completing the modules:

  • Engaging animated representations of real-life scenarios.
  • Videos showing the featured instructional method being used in real Iowa classrooms. Other videos include discussion from experts in literacy education, developmental pediatrics, and other specialty areas, as well as families.
  • Interactive text, visual, and audio content featuring quizzes.
  • A posttest to assess for knowledge gained.

Varied Practice Reading Module

Teacher helping students on tablets

This module shows teachers how to use the Varied Practice Reading instructional approach for teaching reading fluency. As part of Varied Practice Reading, students read three different passages one time each. The passages contain similar words to be read by students in a different order and context through passage variation. Students work in pairs, provide feedback on each other’s errors, and set goals they can work toward to becoming fluent readers.

Varied Practice Reading Passage Sets

Upon completion of the Varied Practice Reading module and passing the posttest, participants will be given access to digital grade-level passage sets for students to use during Varied Practice Reading sessions. The sets can be read on a tablet, laptop, or desktop device. Words that are read incorrectly by a reader are tapped or clicked by a partner to provide feedback and collect data.

Check back for an ordering option to receive hard copy passage set booklets. Booklets will be printed on coated paper which can written on and reused with a dry erase marker. Booklets will be available at cost to schools and districts.

Current Grade-Level Passage Sets Available

  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5

Sets for additional grades are being written and will be added to the module when finalized

Varied Practice Reading Module Sections

Section 1: Oral Reading Fluency

Section 2: Traditional and Alternative Approaches to Fluency Practice

Section 3: Oral Reading Fluency Skills Goal Setting

Section 4: Peer Mediation and Error Correction

Section 5: Classroom Implementation

Effective Literacy Instruction Module

Teacher calling on a student in class

This module covers practices identified in research that support the learning of all students. Participants will learn about the components of systematic and explicit instruction (e.g., using clear and concise language and sequencing skills) and how implementing the components can maximize the benefit of literacy instruction.

A review of reading and writing skills that are developed across grade levels is included.

Effective Literacy Instruction Module Sections

Section 1: Introduction to Effective Instruction

Section 2: Elements of an Effective Lesson (components 1-3)

Section 3: Elements of an Effective Lesson (components 4-5)

Dyslexia Overview Module

Family member and student using dyslexia overview module

This module is designed to provide an overview of this reading disability, no matter the participant’s level of knowledge of dyslexia prior to completing the module.

Certification for College Students

The Iowa State Board of Education requires teacher preparation programs to address the literacy needs of students with disabilities such as dyslexia. To support undergraduate and graduate students as they increase their knowledge of reading disabilities, the Iowa Reading Research Center is offering students in teacher certification, reading endorsement, or reading specialist certification programs the opportunity to earn a certificate for completing the Dyslexia Overview module and earning a score of 80% or better on the posttest. Participants will retain access to the module and downloadable certificate. We encourage instructors to incorporate this training into their course requirements.

Learning Opportunity for Educators

In-service teachers and other educators in Iowa are encouraged to complete the Dyslexia Overview module to refresh and enhance their knowledge of this disability. The base of knowledge provided by the module will help them recognize when students might be exhibiting signs of dyslexia. The module also covers the important elements of a supportive learning environment for students identified with dyslexia.

Knowledge for Families

Families in Iowa with a child with dyslexia may complete the Dyslexia Overview module to gain a basic understanding of this disability. The knowledge gained may be helpful in advocating for the child at school and providing a common starting point in knowledge for families and educators who have completed the module.

Module Topics

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Myths

Part 3: Neurobiological Factors

Part 4: Recognizing Potential Signs of Dyslexia

Part 5: Features of Instruction