The University of Iowa

Comprehension - Grade 2 Students

Connect prior knowledge to information in the text (NA)

  • Relate prior knowledge to something in society

Monitor comprehension while reading (RL.2.7; RI.2.7)

  • Create mental and graphic images of the events and concepts

Ask and answer questions about key details in a text (RL.2.1; RI.2.1)

  • Answer “what-if,” “why,” and “how” questions using textual evidence
  • Ask low-level inference questions about a text

Recognize and use the organizational patterns/text structures to connect ideas across the text (RL.2.5; RI.2.5)

  • Use text features and graphics to locate and gain information
  • Recognize characteristics of multimodal and digital texts

Identify elements of literary and informational texts

  • Identify characters’ actions, motives, emotions, traits, and feelings (RL.2.3)
  • Identify dialogue (RL.2.6)
  • Identify themes of text (RL.2.2)
  • Identify implicit main ideas (RI.2.2)
  • Recognize characteristics of persuasive text (RI.2.8)

Make inferences while reading text

  • Compare and contrast different versions of text (RL.2.9; RI.2.9)
  • Distinguish literal and nonliteral meaning in text (NA)