The University of Iowa

Written Expression - Kindergarten

Dictate short stories, poems, and messages in a logical sequence (W.K.3)1

Compose a sentence with phonetic spellings for most sounds in high frequency, regular words and invented spellings for other words (L.K.2)2

  • State an opinion (W.K.1)
  • Identify a topic (W.K.2)
  • Name a story event (W.K.3)

Identify that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period, question mark, or exclamation point (L.K.2)

English learner and bilingual footnotes

1 ELs should be encouraged to participate in these activities, either in their native language or, if able, in English.

2 Students can engage in “pretend” writing activities that encourage them to “write sentences” and express their ideas in writing, regardless of their linguistic abilities. During these pretend writing activities, the teacher can emphasize the direction of script and the symbolic nature of printed English.