The University of Iowa

Written Expression - Grade 2 Students

Expand sentences (L.2.1)1

  • Add adjectives and adverbs
  • Use compound sentences and/or compound predicates
  • Accurately compose compound sentences (L.2.1)
    • Use commas and conjunctions
    • Use irregular plurals
    • Use irregular verbs
  • Use the writing process to compose paragraphs
    • Write 1-2 paragraph essays communicating an opinion with reasons (W.2.1)
    • Write 1-2 paragraph essays on a topic with details, facts, and a concluding statement (W.2.2)
    • Write stories with details on the characters’ actions, thoughts, and feelings (W.2.3)

Write multi-paragraph friendly and formal letters (L.2.3)

English learner and bilingual footnotes

1 ELs may produce shorter texts with limited sentence and lexical variety. Teachers should focus more on overall organization and text style.

English morphology and word order can be affected by ELs’ native language. For example, Spanish-speaking ELs may write the adjective after the noun, leave out the subject, or have difficulties knowing when to include non-referential “it.” Moreover, in Spanish, when the sentence has two clauses and the subject is the same, the subject does not have to be mentioned the second time.