The University of Iowa

Vocabulary - Grade 1 Students

Connect oral vocabulary to words in print (RI.1.4; L.1.4)

  • Read with understanding grade-appropriate oral vocabulary words that appear in print
  • Use newly-learned vocabulary when talking about text

Determine the relationships among words (L.1.5)

  • Identify and use synonyms

Use context to determine word meanings (L.1.4)

  • Make inferences about the meaning of a word based on its use in a sentence with adult assistance

Apply common affixes and roots to determine word meaning (L.1.4)

  • Identify and explain how adding the affixes “-s,” “-ed,” and “–ing” change the meaning of a root or base word

Use resources to determine the meaning and pronunciation of an unfamiliar word (NA)

  • Use a picture dictionary or digital resource to find words1

English learner and bilingual footnotes

ELs’ use of dictionaries should be carefully and explicitly taught and monitored. Successful dictionary use requires a great deal of linguistic knowledge about grammatical categories, multiple meanings, related words, and appropriate uses.