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Readers read with accuracy, expression, and at an appropriate pace

Reader's Theatre Scripts

These scripts can be used for reader's theatre, which is an interpretive performance of a dramatic piece. The scripts include roles for 6–8 readers and lists of potentially unfamiliar vocabulary words. Some scripts also feature a list of idiomatic or colloquial expressions used within the piece, which teachers and caregivers can pre-teach, especially for bilingual students.

Reader's theatre can be used to teach and practice reading fluency. Read our blog post on reader's theatre for more information.

PDF iconGrades K-2 Reader's Theatre Scripts

PDF iconGrades 3-5 Reader's Theatre Scripts

Beginner's Guide to Playwriting

Step-by-step guidance for middle- and high-school students on writing a play. This will be particularly helpful for beginning playwrights and can be used with teacher or caregiver guidance or independently. The guide includes a glossary of playwriting terms.

PDF iconBeginner's Guide to Playwriting

Chore Chart

Use this chore chart template to fill out a weekly list of chores to be done, indicating which family member will do each chore and what day they will complete each chore. Discuss with the family as you go to practice English skills.

PDF iconChore Chart

Paraphrase Game

Players describe nouns so that other players can guess them. This game provides practice using paraphrasing strategies, which are helpful when a speaker is struggling to use an unknown word.

PDF iconParaphrase Game