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Teacher with two students

Part of our mission is to provide evidence-based literacy resources and guidance for educators and families. We provide literacy instructional strategies, downloadable activities or materials, family consultation, guidance documents, and other information in the form of the resources listed below.

Iowa Reading Research Center Resources

Find original resources created by Iowa Reading Research Center staff and contributors including lesson plans, teacher methods, family guides, graphic organizers, and more.

Assistive Technology Consultation for Families

Take advantage of our free assistive technology consultation for families of children with dyslexia and other reading disabilities. 

Early Literacy Blueprint Initiative: High-Priority Milestones for K-3 Literacy Development

This document outlines the high-priority literacy skills students need to master in kindergarten through Grade 3.

Web Resources for Families and Educators

In addition to our original resources, we also look for resources elsewhere on the web that align with our mission. Browse our compiled collection of web-based literacy resources to help families and educators support literacy development for children in the classroom and at home.

Reading Glossary

Learn key terms and concepts to better understand Iowa Reading Research Center content as well as literacy research and education in general.