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Improving Comprehension for Middle and High School Students


This chapter includes three sections addressing historical, current, and emerging issues in teaching reading comprehension to students with disabilities. The first section reviews special education law, statistics, and practices as they relate to middle and school. The second section reviews the information presented in the content area chapters and discusses how the information presented works with students in special education but receiving the majority of their content instruction (80% or more of the day) in general education settings. The final section presents an overview of effective instructional practices in light of new issues being raised with instructional fidelity and the need to have students more actively engaged in reading diverse texts, including those that are computer-based.


Reed, D. K., & Santi, K. L. (2015). Special education in middle and high school. In Kristi L. Santi, & Deborah K. Reed (Eds.), Improving comprehension for middle and high school students. New York, NY: Springer.

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