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Implementing an Evidence-Based Instructional Routine to Enhance Comprehension of Expository Text


To graduate from high school and become competitive in the workplace and other postsecondary endeavors, adolescents are required to meet rigorous standards, such as the Common Core State Standards. To meet such standards, teachers must teach students to read and make sense of increasingly complex content-area expository text. Secondary teachers, however, face several challenges that make it difficult to prepare students adequately to read and comprehend content area text. In this article, a practical evidence-based reading strategy instructional routine to enhance adolescent students’comprehension of expository text is presented.


Wexler, J. A., Reed, D. K., Mitchell, M., Doyle, B., & Clancy, E. (2015). Implementing an evidence-based instructional routine to enhance comprehension of expository text. Intervention in School and Clinic, 50, 142-149. doi: 10.1177/1053451214542042

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