University of Iowa

Componential Skills of Beginning Writing: An Exploratory Study at the End of Kindergarten


The present study examined the components of end of kindergarten writing, using data from 242 kindergartners. Specifically of interest was the importance of spelling, letter writing fluency, reading, and word- and syntax-level oral language skills in writing. The results from structural equation modeling revealed that oral language, spelling, and letter writing fluency were positively and uniquely related to writing skill after accounting for reading skills. Reading skill was not uniquely related to writing once oral language, spelling, and letter writing fluency were taken into account. These findings are discussed from a developmental perspective.


Kim, Y.-S., Al Otaiba, S., Puranik, C., Folsom, J., Greulich, L. & Wagner, R. (2011). Componential skills of beginning writing: An exploratory study at the end of kindergarten. Learning and Individual Differences, 21(5), 517-525. doi:10.1016/j.lindif.2011.06.004

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