The University of Iowa

Phonics and Word Recognition - Grade 2 Students

Decode and encode complex one- and multi-syllable words (RF.2.3; L.2.2)

  • Use context to recognize when the vowel digraphs “oo” and “ea” are making their different sounds
  • Read and spell regular multisyllabic words of all 6 syllable types: closed syllables, open syllables, VCe syllables, vowel teams (including diphthongs), r-controlled syllables, and final stable syllables
  • Decode words using knowledge of basic syllable division patterns such as VC/CV, V/CV, and CVC/VC
  • Read and spell compound words (e.g., "sandbox," "cupcake")

Apply morphological knowledge (RF.2.3)

  • Read and spell words with contractions and possessives
  • Read and spell words with high frequency prefixes (e.g., “un-,” “re-,” “dis-“)
  • Read and spell irregular plurals (e.g., feet)
  • Read and spell words with the inflectional endings (“-ing,” “-er,” “-est”) that require doubling a consonant or dropping the silent-e

Develop sight word knowledge (RF.2.3; L.2.2)

  • Read and spell grade-appropriate, high frequency irregular words (e.g., "always," "because")