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Letter Sound Practice with 'Big Bird's Letters'


Posted on: December 18, 2015

The IRRC Family Resources Collection is great because it offers a variety of types of resources. We have accessed several video resources to learn how to make sight word activities fun and to increase vocabulary knowledge. I have used article resources to learn how to motivate male readers and to learn what types of books we should be reading. Not only does the Collection offer these great resources, it offers some great online interactive activities as well. This past weekend I discovered a new game that allows children to independently work on letter sound practice.

Ryan has been begging me to have a “sleepover” with her, so this past weekend, I finally agreed. We decided that we would make popcorn and watch a movie together. Before we got settled in to watch our movie, I told her I had to clean the kitchen. Ryan was begging me to start watching the movie, but I explained to her I had to get my chores completed first. I asked her if she wanted to play a computer game while she waited and she happily agreed. “Big Bird’s Letters” is an online interactive game in the IRRC Family Resources Collection and I thought she might enjoy playing it.

“Big Bird’s Letters” has children identify objects that start with a particular letter. According to her kindergarten teacher, Ryan has mastered letter sounds, so I figured she would be able to play this game independently (and I could get my work done). She enjoyed selecting the objects that matched the letter Big Bird grabbed out of his mailbox. She was proud of herself for getting them right each time. I did have to help her with the letter “j” because she kept calling the object a “can” instead of a “jar,” but other than that she was able to do this activity independently.

I really enjoy using the IRRC Family Resources Collection to help support my children in their reading development. I like how the Collection has a variety of types of activities that work for various situations in our everyday lives. “Big Bird’s Letters” is a great activity for Ryan to independently practice what she has been learning in school. I enjoy interacting with my children with many of the activity ideas we get from the Collection, but sometimes I need some ideas for what they can do independently. This was the perfect resource for letting her independently work on letter sound practice. Search “Big Bird” in the Collection to access this great resource to use with your children.