The University of Iowa

Fluency - Grade 1 Students

Read decodable and irregular common words quickly and accurately (RF.1.4)1

  • Read regular single-syllable words fluently
  • Recognize at least 100 research-based, high frequency words by sight

Monitor for word reading accuracy (RF.1.4)

  • Reread and self-correct errors to improve understanding

Read authentic text accurately and with appropriate rate and expression (RF.1.4)

  • Read accurately (no more than 1 error in 20 words)
  • Read fluently (1 word/second)
  • Attend to end punctuation for phrasing
  • Use appropriate inflection to read declarative, interrogative, and exclamatory sentences

English learner and bilingual footnotes

At the earliest stages, teachers may need to limit the number of new words ELs encounter in texts to help them develop automaticity in word-recognition skills.