The University of Iowa

Comprehension - Kindergarten

Connect prior knowledge to information in the text (NA)

  • Relate the text to personal experiences

Monitor comprehension while reading (NA)

  • Stop periodically to check understanding

Ask and answer questions about a text (RL.K.1; RI.K.1)

  • Answer “who,” “what,” and “where” questions after listening to a sentence or short paragraph
  • Answer questions using multiword responses
  • Ask questions about a text before, during, and after reading to improve understanding

Recognize and use the organizational patterns/text structures to connect ideas across the text (RL.K.2; RI.K.2)

  • Restate the key ideas or important information in a text

Identify elements of literary and informational texts

  • Describe the characters, settings, and important events (RL.K.3; RI.K.3)

Make inferences while reading text (NA)

  • Make and confirm predictions using text features and information
  • Refer to ideas and information in the text to support responses