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FastBridge Training for Colleges and Universities

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The Iowa Reading Research Center is partnering with Iowa’s institutions of higher education, the Iowa Department of Education, and FastBridge Learning to align statewide literacy initiatives with pre-service teacher preparation. Instructors at Iowa’s colleges and universities with elementary teacher preparation programs provide training to students on how to administer and use the Formative Assessment System for Teachers (FAST) assessment as part of Iowa’s Early Warning System for Literacy.

Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, kindergarten-12th grade educators may access the FAST assessments directly through the FastBridge online system. In order to assist college and university faculty in preparing their students to use the FastBridge system, the Iowa Reading Research Center offers free university faculty training accounts for all college-level instructors in accredited teacher preparation programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

How to Register

If you are a college or university instructor teaching a course that includes training for the FastBridge online system, follow these steps to register for your account:

  1. FileDownload this spreadsheet
  2. Fill out the spreadsheet with students in your class, including first name, last name, and the student’s college/university email address.
  3. Email the completed spreadsheet to Evan Egemo at, and to
  4. Please allow for up to three business days for us to complete the registration process.

FastBridge Training Account Details

Training accounts should never be used to administer real tests to real students, but they will look and operate just like real accounts, with the following structure:

  • Your college or university will be known as a “district.
  • Each college or university instructor that is utilizing the training account for a course will be identified as a “school” within the “district” (college or university). Instructors will be provided school manager access in order to monitor all activity, including certification status.
  • Each college or university student in an instructor’s class will have a unique “teacher” account. The teacher accounts will be read-only and include de-identified student data at all grade levels. No new assessment data can be added to these accounts.

Training and Support

College and university instructors will have access to additional training materials such as slides and sample syllabi that can be used in their classes to better prepare pre-service teachers to use the FAST assessments.

The Iowa Reading Research Center will have access to each district (college or university) to monitor and support training efforts.

Training Webinar

To access a FastBridge training webinar recorded for the Iowa Reading Research Center, please send an email request to from your college or university email address. Please allow up to one business day to process your request.


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