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4 Reasons to Subscribe to the IRRC Blog Today


Posted on: December 11, 2015

Are you a parent who is looking for ways to support your young reader at home? Or, perhaps you are a teacher who wants to help families find ways to work on literacy at home. If you fit one of the above role descriptions you should consider subscribing to the IRRC blog. Each week we highlight a resource in the IRRC Family Resources Collection and show how a parent can use it at home to support their young reader. If you need more convincing, here are 4 reasons families and teachers should subscribe to the IRRC blog:

1. Highlights the IRRC Family Resources Collection

The IRRC website houses a collection of a variety of web-based resources for families to support literacy development with children at home. The resources can be sorted by literacy skill, age group, and resource type. These resources have been carefully reviewed for quality and accessibility, and are available on our website. Each week we publish a blog that highlights a parent using a resource at home. The IRRC Blog demonstrates how families can easily take an article or video from the collection and use it to support their young readers. A few examples would be:

As a blog subscriber, you will be able to learn about a new resource each week and how that can help the young readers in your life.

2. Easy ways to incorporate literacy into everyday family activities

The responsibilities of a parent can feel endless and tiresome. At the end of the day, it can be a challenge to fit in reading or any other activity on top of homework requirements. The IRRC Blog shows how families can incorporate literacy with very little extra time or effort. As a blog subscriber, you will learn more about how everyday activities offer opportunities for families to work together on literacy. For example, families can use a chore, such as grocery shopping, to also include literacy. Children can write grocery lists, locate items in a store, or read labels in an effort to work on reading and writing.

3. Learn how your community offers literacy support

Communities offer resources that families can use to help support their young readers. Oftentimes, families aren’t aware of these resources or know how to access them. Our blog highlights some of these community resources (examples: libraries and Little Free Libraries) and shares how families can utilize them for free. By subscribing to the IRRC Blog, you can learn more about how your community can support literacy in young readers' lives.

4. IRRC Blog posts with an educator focus

Not only can teachers use our blog to share ideas with families, they can also get tips and suggestions to use in their classroom literacy instruction. From information on the differences between evidence-based vs. research-based interventions to the latest on quality instruction, the IRRC Blog can help support teachers in the classroom as well as families in the home. The IRRC blog offers practical ways that teachers and families can help support children in reading. You can subscribe by going to our blog page and entering your email address in the “Subscribe to blog via email” box.